Operations & Technology

Strategic improvements to Operations and IT can make a huge impact on the return a firm earns on a particular business design. We bring market-leading IT organization design, IT economics management, Lean Six Sigma, and sourcing expertise to clients across a broad range of industries. A detailed understanding of the business drivers of profit and business performance in industries like financial services, aviation, and high-tech allows us to apply specialized skills and methodologies to improve cost, quality, and delivery.

Lean Six Sigma

Our Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Transformation services have enabled clients to significantly improve their operating performance and capacity, service levels, quality, and organizational capabilities through the strategic application of Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies.

Value Sourcing

Our Value Sourcing services enable clients to significantly improve their cost position and cash flow. Through a proven, three-phase process - rapid diagnostic, performance enhancement, and capability development - we assist firms in moving toward high levels of procurement excellence.

IT Organization Design

IT investment, applications, and infrastructure are bifurcating into driving “scale factors” and delivering “information analytics.” As a result, the role of the technology function is following suit. The management of technology operations is becoming a distinct utility separate from the management of information and analytics. At the same time new control requirements are being placed on IT organizations. This is leading to intense management challenges to improve command of data, business requirements, and third parties. Implementing this change is becoming critical for CIO’s and business leaders who want to improve the management of technology services.

IT Economics Measurement & Maximization

Financial services firms need to be able to measure the shareholder value gained from IT investments in order to make strategic decisions about their IT portfolio. These investments need to be managed with “mark-to-market” valuations and exit strategies. Applying a business lens on the role and impact of technology ensures IT investments are more explicitly aligned with the business.

Strategic Information Technology & Operations

Our Strategic IT & Operations practice addresses challenges that confront senior business executives, COOs, and CIOs. Through our unique combination of deep understanding of the microeconomics of financial services companies and intimate knowledge of IT and operations, we help clients translate business strategy into action, optimize the operational support for their business, and improve performance.