Risk Management

Our Risk Management team works with CFOs and other senior finance and risk management executives of leading corporations and financial institutions. We provide a range of services that offer effective, customized solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving roles, needs, and priorities of these individuals and organizations.

Finance & Risk

We provide leading financial institutions with custom solutions covering all aspects of risk management, including its application to financial management. Decades of work with the world's top 100 financial institutions gives us a unique global perspective on the challenges they face.

Global Risk & Trading

Our Global Risk & Trading practice enables the world's top industrial corporations and commodity trading organizations to gain competitive advantages by assisting them with managing risk across their businesses more effectively. By working with global leaders in a broad range of industries, our practice has developed sophisticated capabilities that help industrial corporations and commodity trading organizations create value and maximize their performance by making risk-adjusted strategy, investment, and capital allocation decisions.

Our practice works with clients to measure and manage risk at all levels within their organization - from the board and executive suite to line management. Drawing upon resources from across our division with decades of specialized expertise in risk management as well as the deep knowledge that partners possess of specific industries, regulatory issues, economic trends, and leadership development, we anticipate unprecedented challenges in our clients' competitive environments and deliver comprehensive customized solutions quickly that improve their operations and risk-return profile.

Global Risk Center

The Global Risk Center is a research institute dedicated to analyzing increasingly complex risks that are reshaping industries, governments, and societies. Its mission is to assist decision makers to address these risks through research and insights that combine our rigorous analytical approach to risk management with leading thinking from research partners.

The center’s current research program addresses four broad themes designed to facilitate a productive dialogue about risks by policy makers, boards of directors, CEOs, and other senior executives.

Compliance & Governance

Our Compliance & Governance practice works with financial institutions to ensure that their compliance and governance frameworks, practices, and organizations are robust and managed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and that any compliance issues that arise are addressed quickly, effectively, and efficiently.