Interview Overview

Interview Overview

Our interview process involves both resume and case-based interviews. Our approach allows us to learn more about you and how you think. You will also get a better sense and understanding of what we do.

Resume-based Interviews Resume-based interviews allow us to assess your fit. We want to know that you are motivated and determined. What are your future goals and does a career in consulting make sense for you? Show us that you have a proven track-record to succeed at our firm.

Case-based Interviews Case interviews allow us to assess your ability to problem-solve and think analytically. Your interviewer will pose a problem for you to structure and solve. These interviews typically simulate consulting work – giving you exposure to a day on the job.

Here are some examples of the types of questions you may encounter:

Business situation: “A large newspaper is facing declining market share and margins.  How can it regain share and improve its profitability?

Back of the envelope analysis: “How many gas stations are there in Kuwait?

Brain teasers: “Why is a manhole cover round?